Charter a Beech BE100 King Air - Private Jet Charter

Overview Summary

The BE100 is a stretched derivative of the BE 90. The 100 used the wings, tail, and engines, two PT6A-28 engines rated at 620 shp from the Model 99 airline. The amenities and comforts on board the Beech King Air aircraft, combined with its high speed, long range and low price, gives real value that goes the distance when chartering an aircraft


  • Short runway takeoff and landings
  • Economical over short distances
  • Up to 9 seat configuration
  • Low operating cost

Comfort & Size

BE 100 aircraft are designed for passenger comfort. It offers a variety of executive seating configurations to accommodate individual requirements. The cabin is well insulated to reduce engine noise.


Luggage Capacity1050
Speed48 cu.ft.
Interior HeightBeech BE100 King Air
Purchase Price265 kts
Classification1.32 m
Range$1 000 000
Interior WidthTurboprop