City Pairs - fixed price private jet charter

PrivateFly is offering exclusive private jet charter pricing for key European City Pairs, on specified routes to and from London, Paris, Geneva, Nice, Zurich, Milan, Amsterdam & more. The offer is available on the Nextant 400XTi or the Legacy 600.

To book your City Pair flight at our exclusive prices this summer, contact our expert Flight Team on {{telephone}}.

Exclusive City Pair fixed prices from €4,500 (£4,050)

PrivateFly has secured exclusive fixed pricing and priority access to a fleet of private jet aircraft, for our clients - whether you're flying on holiday or travelling on business. Fly between the City Pairs shown below - one-way and in either direction. 

The flights are available on the Nextant 400XTi (seating up to 6) or the Legacy 600 (seating up to 13).

Routes to & from London

London & Paris Le Bourget €4,500 (£4,050) €15,500 (£13,900)
London & Amsterdam €4,750 (£4,250) €13,500 (£12,050)
London & Geneva €6,000 (£5,350) €18,000 (£16,100)
London & Zurich €6,000 (£5,350) €18,000 (£16,100)
London & Brussels €6,500 (£5,800) €15,000 (£13,500)
London & Milan Malpensa* €6,500 (£5,800) €18,000 (£16,100)
London & Nice Cote d'Azur €7,000 (£5,800) €19,000 (£17,100)
London & Luxembourg €7,200 (£6,450) €15,000 (£13,400)
London & Frankfurt €7,900 (£7,050) €17,000 (£15,200)
London & Barcelona €9,000 (£8,050) €20,500 (£18,300)
London & Vienna €9,000 (£8,050) €22,000 (£19,650)
London & Marrakech N/A €33,500 (£29,900)
London & Moscow N/A €37,000 (£33,000)

Routes to & from Paris

Paris Le Bourget & London €4,500 (£4,050) €15,500 (£13,900)
Paris Le Bourget & Geneva €4,500 (£4,050) On request
Paris Le Bourget & Nice €5,500 (£4,950) On request
Paris Le Bourget & Brussels €5,500 (£4,950) €14,000 (£12,500)
Paris Le Bourget & Luxembourg €5,500 (£4,950) €13,000 (£11,600)
Paris Le Bourget & Milan Malpensa* €5,500 (£4,950) On request
Paris Le Bourget & Marseille €6,800 (£6,100) €15,000 (£13,400)
Paris Le Bourget & Barcelona €8,200 (£7,350) €16,500 (£14,750)
Paris Le Bourget & Marrakech N/A €29,000 (£26,680)

Routes to & from Geneva

Geneva & Paris Le Bourget €4,500 (£4,050) On request
Geneva & London €6,000 (£5,350) On request
Geneva & Moscow N/A €36,000 (£32,150)

Routes to & from Nice Cote d'Azur

Nice & Paris Le Bourget €5,500 (£4,950) On request
Nice & London €7,000 (£6,250) €19,000 (£17,100)
Nice & Moscow N/A €36,000 (£32,150)

These special prices represent up to a 30% discount on average market pricing for the same or equivalent aircraft models. And while fluctuations in demand and aircraft availability can usually see private jet charter prices vary quite considerably, these rates are guaranteed not to change - and are available exclusively from PrivateFly. 

Price shown applies each way for whole aircraft charter. Choose your own departure date and time (subject to aircraft and airport availability) and onboard drinks and catering are included on both aircraft types, with a flight attendant included on the Legacy 600*. 

To book your Nextant 400XTi or Legacy 600 at our exclusive price, contact our expert Flight Team on {{telephone}}.

About the Nextant 400XTi

The Nextant 400XTi is a modern light jet, that has been re-engineered from the original airframe of the Hawker/Beechjet 400A aircraft. This results an aircraft that is 88% new, with increased speed, range and efficiency.

  • Highly-modern interior, with seating and luggage space for up to 6 passengers.
  • 2000 nautical miles flight range.
  • Divan sofa and four club seats.
  • Private lavatory and refreshment centre with hot & cold drinks facilities.
  • Onboard HD entertainment, with individual passenger controls for cabin lighting and temperature.

About the Legacy 600

The Embraer Legacy 600 is an impressive, VIP large cabin jet, offering plenty of space and comfort for larger groups of passengers, and excellent luggage capacity. Its flight range of 3,250nm makes it capable of longer European trips up to several hours.

  • Spacious and stylish VIP interior, seating up to 13 passengers.
  • 3,250 nautical miles flight range.
  • Best-in-class 240 cubic ft of luggage space, accessible from the cabin.
  • Spacious washroom and closet space.
  • Onboard flight attendant, with galley for hot & cold food preparation.
  • Advanced cabin management system for lighting, temperature & entertainment.

To book your fixed price City Pair flight at our exclusive prices, contact our expert Flight Team (24/7) on {{telephone}}.

*Subject to aircraft and airport slot availability for chosen itinerary at the time of booking, for flights on or before 31 March 2020. Prices shown are for one-way on-demand charter of a Nextant 400XTi or a Legacy 600 between the paired destinations (in either direction). The fixed price is based on the Euro (€) price shown, price in pounds (£) is indicative and based on exchange rate at 7 October 2019. Available London airports are London Luton, London Farnborough, London Biggin Hill, London Stansted & London Southend. Price includes all airport handling and landing fees; standard drinks and catering. An onboard flight attendant is included on all Legacy 600 flights. For flights in or out of Italy, additional Italian Luxury Tax of €100 applies per person, each way.

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